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Thanks to the strong efforts of firefighting resources including over 1000+ firefighters and several aircraft, the wildfire has been brought under control. The wildfire is said to have been sparked during a dry thunderstorm where lightening hit a tree.

Exceptional weather conditions including extreme heat, strong winds and zero humidity caused this massive wildfire to ignite and blaze across 74,000 acres of forest.

After a 5-day battle, the remaining flames have been extinguished as of June 22.

Portugal forest fires under control after more than 60 deaths

Wildfires that killed 64 people in Portugal have been brought under control, firefighters have said, as the government insisted it was still too early to say whether the disaster could have been handled better …

Portugal awaits foreign help to fight deadly wildfires

Survivors emerged Monday with stories of leaping into water tanks and other dramatic escapes from the forest fires scorching central Portugal, and authorities came under mounting criticism for not doing more …

'Sad and heartbreaking': Canada's Portuguese mourning from afar

Pedro Silva was relieved to know none of her family members in central Portugal were affected by this weekend’s raging forest fires. But she was still devastated to see the damage “Those are places I’ve visited in the past …

There are currently many efforts and national relief charities in place to support, treat and relocate the people affected by this massive wildfire. Many lives were lost, homes destroyed, and villages burned down to ashes as a result of the flames, calling for immediate help and support.

Let’s stand strong for the victims, survivors, and all those directly impacted by this tragic wildfire in Pedrógão Grande. All contributions will be distributed to help those in Portugal who need it most.

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